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6000mAh Mobile Power Bank with LCD Digital Display and LED display

$50.00 $29.50

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6000mAh power bank dual USB
2.built in import cell
3.dual USB output

Quantity discounts
1-4 5-9 10-99 100-499 500-1000 1001-10000 10001+
$29.50 $28.03 $26.55 $25.08 $23.60 $23.01 $22.13
Capacity 6000mAh
Type of battery Li-Polymer battery
Input voltage 5V
Input current 800mA
Output voltage 5V
Output current 1000mA/ 2100mA
Charging time 5 hours
Conversion rate over 95%
Charger connector dual USB
Storage/transportation temperature -20°C-45°C
Warranty 1 year
recycle life more than 700 times
Weight(g) 300g
Size size: 117*66*10MM

The features

(1).Stable current supply due to the intelligent IC microchip control

(2).high efficiency power-saving characteristic since high rate of energy conversion

(3).strong compatibility due to the smart identification which can identify the current value of digital products and the guarantee to output the stable and suitable current.

(4).long working life due to the high quality Lithium ion battery or Polymer battery.

(5).no side effects since the stable current and various safety protection

(6).Fashionable appearance design can attract most consumers.

(7).small volume and light weight is convenient to be carried in any place.


(1).For Iphone, blackberry, SonyEricsson, Samsung etc various brand mobile phone

(2).For Mp3/Mp4/Mp5 etc player

(3).For a series of digital camera

(4).for PSP etc game console

(5).For DV electronic products

(6).For GPS products

(7).For other digital products

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All about Order Power banks From Hengye Electronics


1. Products are shipped via EMS.DHL.UPS.Fedex, by air, by sea or to your China forwarder.
2. We Provide Dropshipping Service.
3. 5 days delivery upon receiving payment if the qty is lower than 1000pcs and it is not customized product.
4. Import charges or fees are buyer’s responsibility.


1. We accept T/T Bank transfer,PayPal ,Western Union and
2. 30% deposit and 70% before shipping.
3. No payment collection. We only can deliver goods after getting full payment


  1. Provide Safety product: Multiple circuit protection system inside power bank to avoid overcharge, over discharging and short circuit.
  2. Reply your inquiry in 24 workig hours for mobile power bank
  3. Customized design is availabel, OEM&ODM are welcome,pantone color match printing.
  4. Offer the most competitive factory price to fulfill buyer’s profit.
  5. We have our designer team, so can design for you depend on your requirement


  1. We are power bank and battery factory with more than 10 years experience in this market.
  2. The capacity is real, not same as other supplier (false capacity)
  3. The price is lower than other supplier
  4. Models: We have our own models and our own brand image
  5. Quality: test products one by one before produce or after finished order
  6. Certificate CE,FCC,ROHS,ISO9001, You can image our quality and strength

2 reviews for 6000mAh Mobile Power Bank with LCD Digital Display and LED display

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is your Payment Method?
    T/T, LC, Western Union, Paypal forsamples.
  2. What is your Trade term?
    EXW, FOB, CNF, CIF is also ok.
  3. What is the Loading Port?
    Hong Kong, Shenzhen.
  4. How to ship to us from your factory?
    Optional: Fedex/DHL/UPS/EMS, by air, by sea or to your China forwarder.
  5. What is your MOQ ?
    Different items will be different MOQ request. We have indicated the MOQ for each item in the price list.
  6. What is your Product Warranty ?
    1 year.We guarantee the products customers receive are qualified. If there are any broken parts, please send us some detailed photos by email, and then we will send you the replacement parts according to actual conditions.
  7. What is the battery material of your power bank?
    Usually the power bank come with two different material, it's Lithium polymer battery and 18650 cells
  8. What is the packaging?
    We provide neutral Gift box packaging, we also can make your own designed packaging,the MOQ is 1000pcs.
  9. Can you put my brand name (logo) on these products?
    Sure, We can help you print LOGO as your request.
  10. How to place an order?
    You may select the products from our website/catalogue,to email us the item numbers and quantities of the products you would like to order,we will feedback with detail quotation and proforma invoice
  11. How to get a sample?
    Sure. We usually provide existing sample . Sample charge is refundable when order is up to certain quantity. We usually send samples by FEDEX,UPS,TNT or DHL. If you have carrier account, it will be fine to ship with your account, if not, you can pay the freight charge to our paypal, we will ship with our account. It takes about 2-4 days to reach you, subject to where you are.
  12. How long can I expect to get the sample?
    For existing samples, it takes 1-2 days. If you want your own designs, it takes 4-6 days, subject to your designs whether they need new printing logo, etc. Anyway, we will response ASAP to your request.
  13. Can I customized the products colors?
    Yes.We usually match colors with Pantone Matching System. So you can just tell us the pantone color code you need. We will match the colors. Or we will recommend some popular colors to you.
  14. How to do OEM project ?
    You can provide us your detail infromation. Such as the product outlook , function, colors.... we will quote you roungly cost and prototype sample charge.If it is workable, then our engineer will start drawing the 3D picture and making function board . The prototype will start making when you approval the 3D rawing and demo board fucntion.Afterthat we will send the prototype to customer to do approval. The plastic mold will starting making if customer confrim us the prototype . It will take 30-35 days .
    Nextstep we will make pre-production sample to send to customer to do approval again. If everything is going well then we will tell customer how long mass production the item.
    Normally, the production lead time is around 20 –25 days which is depend on the order QTY and what kind of product doing .
  15. Do you have any advise about power bank using?
    1. Please read product manual carefully and full charge power bank before using for the new product.
    2. Make sure power bank is compatible with your product. Do not disassemble the power bank, or put power bank nearby high temperature or throw it into fire. Don’t expose under the sun.
    3. Don’t collision to hard object.
    4. Power bank should be fully charged at least once per every four month.

Quality Check of CNPowerbanks.com

1. All raw material and accessories must be checked or tested before entering products facilities all unqualified materials are immediately rejected.

2. We provide quality control testing and analysis for each product line

3. Workers manufacture this products in accordance with the provided technical documentation first several products of each day will be checked first by the worker, then by our full time QC inspector. Mass production will began only if the products have been tested and have passed inspection.

4. During mass production, personel will periodically check products to ensure randomized testing.

5. CNPowerbanks.com QC team do a complete inspection and parts are spot checked before they are able to move on to the next phase of production

6. Finished products are checked be sure they meet our level of quality

7. Quality feedback from the marketing department is fast and efficient,then those results are passed on to the Technical and QC departments which allows fast design improvements and corrections to happen quickly.

Our Power banks Test Standards

Characteristics testing:

item   test method   Requirements     
  Charging/Cut-off Voltage              4.20±0.01V  
  Discharge/Cut-off Voltage     3.00±0.01V  
  Standard Charge Charge the battery at constant current of 0.2C to reach  4.2V. Then charge the battery at constant 4.2V voltage until  , the charging current decreasing to 0.01C.   Charging time≤8h  
  Standard Discharge   After the standard charging,rest for 1 hour then discharge, to 3.0V 0.2c   
  Rate Discharge    After the standard charging,rest for 1 hour then discharge, to 3.0V 0.5C   Discharging time≥102Min 
  High Temperature Characteristics    Fully charging, store them at (55±2)℃ for 2 hours, then   discharge to 3.0V @0.5C   Discharging time ≥102 Min , No transform, no explosion,no fire,no leakage
  Low Temperature Characteristics    Full charging, store them at (-10±2)℃ for 16-24 hours, then discharge to 3.0V @0.2C   Discharging time ≥255 Min, No transform, no explosion,no fire,no leakage
  Capacity retention   Fully charging, store them at (20±2)℃ for 28 days, then  discharge to 3.0V  0.2C   Discharging time ≥255 Min,No transform, no explosion,no fire,no leakage
  Cycle Life  25℃   Charge the battery @0.5C to reach 4.2V. Then charge the, battery at constant 4.2V voltage until the charging current, decreasing to 0.01C. Rest for 10 min. discharge to  3.0V 0.5C and rest for 10 min. Continue the  charge/discharge cycles until discharge capacity lower  than 80% of rated capacity    Cycle life ≥500
   Storage   Charge the battery to 40%~65% of its rated capacity using, standard charging mode, then keep it in an 20℃±5℃, humidity 45%~85% room for 12 months. Discharge it 0.2C until voltage down to 3.0V   Discharge time ≥240Min

Environment Characteristics:

Item Testing Method  Requirements
Hot & humidity testing Full charging, store it at 40±2℃ with 90%~95RH% for 48  hours. Then put the battery at room temperature 20±2℃ for  2 hours. Then discharge to 3.0V 0.5C Discharging time ≥72 Min no transform,  No erosion, no explosion,no fire,no leakage
Vibration  After Standard Charging,fixed the battery to vibration  table,then subjected to vibration test for 30 minutes per axis  of XYZ axes No explosion,no fire, no leakage. Voltage≥3.7V.
Shock test After Standard Charging,test condition  Acceleration :100m/s2  Crash time per min: 40-80 times, Pulse lasting time : 16ms , Shock times : 1000±10times No explosion, no fire, no leakage. Voltage≥3.7V.
Drop Test After standard charging , drop the battery from 100cm, height onto a 18mm~20mm thick hardwood. Two sides of  X,Y,Z directions each (total 6 times)  After the drop test, discharge the battery 0.5C to 3.0V  Then charge it 0.5C to full capacity. Continue the test   within 3 times the battery should reach the target once   Discharging time ≥102 Min   No erosion, no explosion,no fire,no leakage

Safety Performance

Overcharge protection test After standard charging. Apply a 7.4V stable Voltage and  1C stable current to the battery for 8 hours No fire, no explosion
Over discharge protection test After discharged to the cut-off voltage,the battery shall be  subjected to a short-circuit condition with a load of  resistance less than 30Ω for 24 hours No fire, no explosion
Short circuiting protection test After standard charging,the battery shall be subjected to a  short-circuit condition with a wire of resistance less than  100mΩ for 1 hour. Cut off the circuit, Charge the battery  with constant current at 1.0C for 5s No fire, no explosion, Voltage≥3.7V
Impact Test  After standard charge,Place the battery on a flat surface.  A 9.1 kg article is to be dropped from a height of 100cm  onto the sample. The battery is allowed to transform No fire, no explosion
 Heating Test After standard charging,a battery is to be heated in an  oven convection or circulating air oven. The temperature of  the oven is to be raised at a rate of 5±2℃/min to a  temperature of 130±2℃ and last for 30 minutes. No fire, no explosion
Over charge  After standard charging, put the battery in fume hood. Add  constant voltage & current 4.8V 3C to the battery. Charging  it until the battery reaches 4.8V, charging current decreases  to almost 0A. Record the temperature curve of the battery.  When the battery temperature decreases to about 10℃  lower after reaching the peak temperature. End the test. This test is performed without PCM  No fire, no explosion
Short circuiting test After standard charging, put the battery in fume hood.  Connect the Negative Pole and Positive pole directly. (the  wire’s resistance should below 50mΩ. Record the battery’s  temperature curve during the test. When the battery  temperature decreases to about 10℃ lower after reaching  the peak temperature. End the test.  This test is performed without PCM 

Safety Performance

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